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The NICE Guidelines for ADHD cover diagnosis and management of ADHD for children, young people and adults. 


They suggest a discussion about medication with a suitably qualified professional who has training and expertise in diagnosing and managing ADHD could be helpful, but this is just one part of managing ADHD.  

The other recommendation in the NICE Guidelines, is exploring non-medication options, such as CBT, with a healthcare professional with training and expertise in diagnosing and managing ADHD. 

Therapy can be used alongside medication to improve symptoms of ADHD, or as an alternative to clients who cannot or do not want to take medication.

Jennie is the only suitably qualified clinician within Chiltern ADHD Clinic who is able to adapt CBT for ADHD.

CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is a type of talking therapy. There can be a common misconception that CBT is rigid and unhelpful, but this really depends on the clinician and how they apply their knowledge of CBT to your individual situation.


CBT ADHD / CBT for ADHD is very different to the typical CBT for Anxiety or Depression that you may have experienced within the NHS. Sometimes CBT can be watered down by professionals claiming to be practicing CBT, but they may lack the knowledge or skills to properly apply it to your situation. An example of this might be a Counsellor who is really great at Counselling, who has completed a day course in CBT and is trying to adapt CBT for ADHD. 

The NICE Guidelines state that your clinician should be 'a structured supportive psychological intervention focussed on ADHD' and 'treatment may include elements or a full course of CBT'.

Jennie is an experienced clinician, who has worked with clients with ADHD or other neurodivergence since 2011. She is trained and experienced in assessing, diagnosing and managing ADHD. She has lots of experience of adapting CBT for clients with ADHD or other neurodiverse conditions. 

But what does that mean for you, or your loved one?

CBT for ADHD is mostly a behavioural intervention that specifically deals with symptoms and executive dysfunction difficulties which people with ADHD struggle with. For example, forgetting things, struggling to plan, not getting work done, not finishing tasks, being late etc etc!

Your sessions will look quite different to 'typical' CBT, with fidget toys, maybe a break halfway, sometimes a timer, and occasionally some running! 

Whatever your difficulties are, we can look at creatively problem solving them together! Jennie has a wealth of ADHD knowledge in her head, from different protocols and research, to anecdotes and coping strategies from her clients through the years.

Sessions are usually 50 mins in length, but if we need a break to aid concentration we can also do a 60 min session with a 10 min break in-between! If you need shorter sessions, we can also discuss - it's all about making it work for you.

Sessions are £90 per 50 mins (or 60 mins with a break) with Jennie

Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation 😊

Meet Jennie!

(And Bea the Therapy Dog)

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